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AMAFH Commercial Brokers is an independent service provider offering retail finance and services to Islamic and traditional banking and financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates. The company is located in a prime location at the Burjuman, Dubai. AMAFH commercial brokers provide outsourcing-credit cards, personal finance and loans and other financial and telecommunications marketing services and many more .. Being the best financial advisor for all personal and corporate clients. We are having tie-ups with prestigious Islamic and traditional banking and other financial institutions in the UAE. Providing its clients with the best rates and profits with the best financial solutions to suit their needs, whether it is to pay low interest or to give or benefit on short-term leasing. Or enjoy simultaneous benefits and rewards on a long-term lease. Our friendly and professional team is always ready to assist customers based on their needs. Customer satisfaction is our main objective. AMAFH commercial brokers are managed by an experienced banking and services industry professional with a rich experience in the UAE and the Indian market. We are always ready to assist our customers on any occasion to make them comfortable and to plan and meet their needs at a convenient time.